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Quick Lower Body Blast

Quick lower body blast

For those who may be short on time, this workout I devised takes less than thirty minutes and is perfect for those who are pressed for time, can’t get to a gym to workout or even those stuck in an office.  It requires no special equipment, and those who have tried it began to notice a difference in their bodies after only 7 days.  The workout focuses on problem areas such as legs, bums and tums.

  1. Sit down on a chair, slightly lower than normal, feet hip width apart. Now, without using your hands stand up to a straight standing position and slowly bend your knees taking you back to the starting point. Repeat these 3 times making sure you give yourself a 60 second break between sets. Remember; control the movements keeping your feet still.
  2. Sit on the edge of a chair with your head straight and your hands placed onto your thighs. Slowly, begin to pull-in your stomach and hold it for 10 seconds. Relax and repeat 10 times. This will help to strengthen your core muscles and get rid of that lazy stomach. (As this exercise gets easier increase the hold-in time).
  3. Sit on the edge of a chair, feet facing forward, hip width apart and without using your hands slowly, keeping your back straight, lift your bum 2 to 3 inches off the chair. Control the movement as you return to the starting position. Repeat up to 30 times, then rest for 60 seconds and try another set.
  4. Stand up, back straight, stomach in, legs wide apart, with your toes facing 45 degrees outwards. Putting your palms of your hands onto your bum, slowly begin to bend your legs to a 90 degree position. Squeezing the back of your legs and bum, hold onto this position for a second and then slowly begin to push up to the starting point. Don’t let your knees lock when you fully come up. Repeat this up to 30 times, giving yourself a 60 second break and then try another set or even two.

I gave the above exercises to the staff of a renowned chocolate shop and here is what they had to say after 7 days;

  • Michelle: “I am a dance student at university so, I am an active individual, but these exercises allow me to concentrate on specific parts of my body and I must say my stomach looks impressive”
  • Natalie: “Being a mother of 2 I put my Family first and myself second therefore, these exercises give me an hour to myself, take place in the comfort of my own home and shape and strengthen my body”
  • Kinga: “I am a very busy person that always has an excuse not to exercise, so with these simple exercises I have no excuse and the results are great as I am finally beginning to tone”

So, why not try them today and see the results for yourself!

Dean Schaffer
The Fitness Club London

Dean has over 15 years of knowledge and experience in personal coaching and weight management. Dean, the founder of The Fitness Club London, offers a friendly, warm and non-intimidating atmosphere. There are no grunting body builders just people who enjoy working out and want to improve their health. What sets this club apart from all the others is that it offers its members a highly personal fitness experience where you are treated as an individual and not just a membership number.


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