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Please ladies, get dressed before you drive!

Daft question you may ask along with; has Jackie seriously lost the plot? But hold your horses for it appears that some naughty drivers across the UK are getting in the driving seat wearing nothing more than pyjamas and with their feet clad in just their slippers or even barefoot!

It gets worse for applying make-up is another part of the morning routine which some women leave until they are actually driving the car: 1 in 10 women put make-up on and drive at the same time and 15% of men have had a shave while driving.

Oh dear. Come on lets wake up to the potential danger of inappropriate footwear and dangerous driving habits here. At least keep a sensible pair of shoes in the car for safety for wearing high heels behind the wheel is not uncommon with 40% of women admitting this, and 46% of us admit to eating and driving at the same time.

47% of men and 18% of women are checking out other drivers to see if they are attractive as they motor along and 49% of men pick their noses and drive at the same time, which apart from being disgusting means their hands are not on the wheel. Similarly, almost half of us (49%) regularly change the music while we are driving.

18-24 year-old men (40%) and 25-34 year old women (47%) are the most likely to wear flip flops to drive but the main slipper wearers are the 25-34 year-old men (14%) and 18-24 year-old women (21%). Over 55s are least likely to wear slippers or flip flops to drive. Women driving in high heels peaks at 25-34 years old with half of women in this age group admitting to driving in heels.

Now listen up ladies, while it is not against the law to drive in your pyjamas or pick your nose at traffic lights, any behavior that could cause you to drive without due care and attention should be avoided. Wearing inappropriate footwear could cause you to lose control of the car. I speak from experience having once turned up on a car launch in my new yellow high wedged sandals to suddenly realise I was off-roading in very very muddy terrain!

Regarding make up. Well I tried to apply mascara once with disastrous consequences as the wand pocked into my eye causing not just pain but a shed load of tears that streamed down my face completely blurring my vision!

So ladies, may I boldly suggest investing in perhaps another alarm clock set ten minutes apart to give you all enough time to not only wake up but get dressed appropriately and that includes the face!

Jackie Violet
Motoring Correspondent



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