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Pensions, working parents and training affected by new legislation

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New legislation came into effect on the 6th April, impacting pensions, working parents and training which could affect you.

The changes include:
• An increase to 50p tax rate on every pound earnt for people with salaries over £150,000.
• The Government’s fit note scheme comes into effect so that GPs can advise employers on what activities staff can do, rather than signing them off work sick.
• Working fathers can take up to 26 weeks’ paternity leave in the first year of their child’s life, allowing them to share maternity leave with the mother. This applies for parents of babies due on or after 03 April 2011, or matched for adoption. In reality the very earliest an employee could take advantage of this from November 2010.
• Staff have a legal right to request training whether this is on-the-job training or time off to study.
• The minimum pension age has also risen from 50 to 55.
• The state retirement age for women has risen to 65 although this will take place on a long-term phased basis.


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