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Party-time passion

Cheerful friends enjoying the party

Researchers have found that around 34 per cent of the adult population – or almost 16 million – adults have romped with a stranger they have just met. Staggeringly, only eight per cent said they regretted it the following day! I can only remember things like this happening from parties I went to in my teens and twenties; I haven’t been to parties where people have coped off for decades!  But then I don’t miss the hangovers and memory loss these days either.

Many of us enjoy throwing a great party and having gossip to discuss the next day. And it would look like a number of our friends are keen to oblige! And let’s be honest ladies, whether its two friends that had a one night stand, a squabble over spilt drinks, or who has the best dress, a party is disappointing if there is no scandal and of course, no photos to load onto our Facebook page the next day!

There are a number of ‘must haves’ if your party is to be a success – loads of booze, a relaxed host, good music and a great mix of people. But there’s also a list of ‘have not’s which include fiddly food that people can grind into your carpets, boring guests and people who like to fight!

Apparently footballer Wayne Rooney is the celebrity that people would least want turning up at their party, closely followed by Kerry Katona – don’t think that there’s any surprises there!

The most desired guests are Cheryl Cole and Brad Pitt. Surprised by Cheryl’s popularity, not surprised by Brad. But then we can all dream!

Sadly the summer BBQ’s are coming to an end and we are quickly approaching the Christmas party season – what are you dreading most?  A drunken fumble with the office geek or photocopying your bottom and posting it on your Facebook wall? Not much of a choice!


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  1. Vicki says:

    I can remember many one night stands – mine and my mates!
    Oh to be young and carefree again!

  2. Maggie says:

    Can’t remember the last time that I
    got invited to a party where I could have a one night stand!

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