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Only one Father

Real Women Today - Audrey Ellis
Only one Father
by Audrey E Ellis

This book is based on true events and is set in Essex, Coventry and a Northamptonshire town.  As a girl from the Midlands myself I was looking forward to reading this one, but I found it quite hard going, initially at least.

Perhaps on reflection it was as a result of the description and being a real story as oppose to fiction.  I found the short chapters uninspiring and the characters difficult to enjoy, if this is anywhere near the right description.  The story revolves around the characters and essentially from another period in time – where perceptions and old fashioned values and possibly even bigotry outweighed almost anything.  The moral sense of right and wrong was never grey, always clearly black and white.

“She did feel stunned, though.  How could he go so quietly, and with such little fuss, in like a lion, and out like a lamb, and her unable or unwilling to shed one tear as she stood in his yesterday’s ashes and looked across at the rose bush they had planted for their mum so many seasons before, there, in that back garden, where she had sat quietly whenever she could.  Then she thought…”

Attitudes towards blind families 50 years ago were very different to today. Back then, Audrey’s mother was disgusted by an article in a newspaper about a family whose children were taken into care because both parents were blind.

Audrey’s Mum wrote to the newspaper and explained to them how she coped as a family.  It was quite brave of her as there was definitely a huge stigma behind it, at that time – quite a sad indictment of the ‘good old days’.

The book ‘Only one Father’ is a tribute to Audrey’s parents and the challenges they faced.  Audrey’s father passed away when she was eight-years-old, but she has never forgotten the positive influence he had on her life.  The author says:  “Everybody’s life is different. We all face different challenges, but it’s what we do with it that makes the difference.  I want to share my story with other families that maybe going through the same things I did. I want them to know they’re not alone”.


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