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One Day

One Day

By David Nicholls

“What are days for?
Days are where we live.
They come, they wake us
Time and time over.
They are to be happy in:
Where we can live but days?

Philip Larkin, “Days”

A poem at the beginning of One Day, a book which has been on the shelves since 2009, but I have only recently picked up because of the less than favourable hype around Anne Hathway playing the lead role in the new motion picture, released earlier this year.  An American playing the lead English role – whatever next!

This is most certainly to my detriment.  One Day is a fabulous read.

Despite my scepticism about this book, the story held me enthralled throughout.  I was so engrossed in the story, I didn’t like the fact that the story jumped in time, as I would have preferred all the gaps to be filled.  The book would have taken on biblical proportions in the size, but I didn’t want to miss any part of Em & Dex’s story.

It is not often that a book brings me to tears (sobs even), but this one did.  I was sorry to have come to the end.  It is difficult to say more about the book, so make your own judgements.

If you read one book this year – then make it One Day.

PS  I remain unconvinced about the film, whether to see it or not – I suspect that I will wait until it is on TV.  I can’t imagine that it can rival this book and my imagination.


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