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Oh, a glass or two keeps the doctor away (well only if you are French apparently…)!

Every day there seems to be conflicting messages about what is good for us & what is not.  As a purveyor of  wine (red being  my favourite) and knowing that little and often is good for my heart, I am saddened to read the latest advice – two glasses a day trebles my risk of mouth cancer!

And just to get this message home, a Government funding campaign incorporating TV ads will aim to show that drinking over the recommended daily limit for alcohol increases the risk of serious health problems.  Yet the more we drink, the more the Government raises in tax – and if the Government encourages abstinence (what an awful word), it will no doubt find another and I fear rather less enjoyable way of emptying our wallets.

An estimated 10 million of us in the UK drink more than the recommended limits for alcohol – I don’t know  a single person who is honest when asked this question.  But going with this figure one in five of us is at increased risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and weight gain.  And, now alcohol can increase the risk of seven different types of cancer, and just to make sure that we sit up and listen, this includes two of the most prevalent – breast cancer and bowel cancer.

I hope to be able to savour my next glass of wine, and will continue to do so – I am sure given time there will be research which will redress the balance.  The rumours of the French quaffing gallons of red wine and maintaining healthy hearts are obviously just make believe!

This did get us gossiping at great lengths in the Real Women Today office, and now we are all off to the pub to continue our discussions.

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