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Mums beat friends in shopping buddy stakes

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Ladies, if you want an honest opinion on a new outfit – go shopping with your Mum.

A study carried out by Lakeside Shopping Centre (a favourite of the Real Women team) found that women prefer taking their mother on a spree than a friend because she will be brutally honest if she doesn’t like something and complimentary if she does.

By contrast shopping with a girlfriend can often be a minefield littered with jealousy, false compliments and complex mind games. Friends are also more likely to be a distraction leading to fruitless yomps around the shops with time wasted nattering and drinking latte rather than spending money.

Kylie Minor, Acting Marketing Manager for Lakeside said: ”We all like to get a second opinion when it comes to shopping and definitely need to have someone that we trust.

”What’s interesting is that many women feel their friends aren’t honest with them and actively try to stop them looking good.

”If a friend is on the look-out for an outfit for a special occasion it seems a bit mean to not tell them your honest thoughts.

”Perhaps that’s why mums seem to make the best shopping buddies – they would never want their daughters to look less than perfect.”

The study of 2,000 women found more than one third prefer to go shopping with their Mum than anyone else as Mothers were hailed as ‘brutally honest’, ‘critical when needed’ and ‘more complementary’ than friends.

A spokesman for Lakeside added:  ”Most women know which of their friends and family are going to be of use when they go clothes shopping.

”However, we all know that men are notoriously bad shopping partners as they are often too scared to give an honest opinion as they know it may not be what we want to hear.”

So who do you chose to take shopping with you and why? Is it because they are honest or because they say what you want to hear?


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