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Modern TV – ‘must see’ or just rubbish?

Modern TV - must see or just rubbish

Here’s what we’d like to say to the TV companies to try to get them to see some sense:

  • Stop running repeats over and over again. We’ve all seen them lots and lots of times. Whoever is giving you information that we like boring repeats is wrong!
  • Why do your hosts wear clothes that people wouldn’t be seen dead in except on TV? Is this some sort of weird culture thing that says as soon as you host a TV program you have to dress like a clown?
  • The same thing goes with makeup – bright orange is a strange colour for skin. We’ve no problem with anyone looking orange but there are too many orange people on TV unless your starring in ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ or ‘Geordie Shores’ where being bright orange appears to be an acceptable fashion statement!
  • Why are you scheduling lots of DIY, gardening and cooking programs between 8 and 9pm? We like these subjects but just not when we’ve got home from work exhausted and don’t have the time or the attention span to take this valuable information in.
  • Don’t keep programs going when they’re way beyond their sell by date. Everything has its time and running further series until we’re all just sick of it doesn’t work. Be brave, when it’s time to let go, let go.
  • Bring back the comedy. We like to laugh and much of the funny stuff you’ve been making recently just isn’t funny.
  • Endless, mindless talent shows. A few good ones are OK, but again you’re over-doing it far too much and as with the reality shows we’re all going to get very bored of them.
  • Just because someone was famous once, doesn’t mean you have to find them a role in absolutely anything. We are all a bit fed up of seeing ‘Z listers’ appearing in numerous embarrassing situations all in the name of entertainment!

Feel free to add your comments – perhaps we can send them off to the offending companies in a vain hope that they might listen?


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