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Mineral Face Powder

Being in my mid-forties, my skin is showing signs of ageing.  Everyday I am waking up to find more winkles and deepening lines.

For the last ten years I have stuck with two brands of liquid foundations that have seen me through long days at work and heavy duty nights out with the girls – never once letting me down.

Sadly, I now need to find a make-up that feels lighter and doesn’t sit in the many lines and wrinkles that are forming around my eye and mouth area.

Having read several very positive reviews about mineral make-up from women of all ages and different skin tones I decided to give it a go.

£90.00 later I had in my possession a mineral brush, cover matte powder, concealer and foundation.

It took several attempts to get the application right.  You need to find your own method for application as it can be messy and you can waste a lot of the product. However practise makes perfect so just persevere.

After wearing full mineral face make-up for one month I can say I absolutely adore the matte powder – this soaks up excessive oil on my face and leaves my skin looking nice and smooth. However, when the concealer and foundation were applied I found it sat in the creases and wrinkles on my face and made my eye area look old and tired.

I would say that if you are fortunate enough to have nice smooth skin with minimum wrinkles then give it a go.  However, if the ageing process is not being that kind to you, avoid it at all costs.

Me, I am going to revert back to my old faithful’s but I will be using the mineral matte cover underneath.

So sorry ladies, Mineral make-up was not a success for me.


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