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Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil


By John Berendt

Published in 1994, the book was John Berendt’s first, and became a The New York Times bestseller for 216 weeks following its debut.  The book was subsequently made into a 1997 movie, directed by Clint Eastwood and based loosely on Berendt’s story.

BUT in my opinion, not a patch on the book!  If you are lucky enough not to have read this book – wow, you are in for a treat – do read it.

It is one of those rare books where you can pick up and read again and again, each time discovering small observations and imaginations you missed the last time round – leave a few years between re-reading, that is my recommendation.  I would go as far to say one of my favourite books of all time.  I relished and enjoyed this story.

I remember being lucky enough to visit Savannah, whist reading for the first time and what a revelation that was – you can almost touch the prejudice and the descriptions, the homes and buildings and further details are almost exactly as described, in my imagination I was there, just so fascinating and gripping.

A story for anyone and everyone who enjoys a fantastically good read.


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