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Micro Sprite pink scooter


The absolute bestest scooter in the shops today…

A review from one of the toughest critics and most experienced users…

My name is Lola and I am 7 and three-quarters.  I have recently been testing out the most loveliest scooter ever – it is a Micro Scooter and mine is in bright pink.

And I love it!

It is the fastest scooter on my street and all of my friends want to have a go on it.  Even the boys, which is funny as it is definitely a girlie colour (but I think you can get it in boys colours too).  I am able to do small tricks on it and I always feel safe, no matter what speed I go at, because there is a back brake.  My Mummy worries that I go too fast, but even my Mummy says that this scooter looks great and is very strong.  It also has its own stand, which is very cool when I am parked on the pavement.

I am so impressed, I would rather ride my scooter every day to school – rather than go on my bike.

My scooter is in demand everywhere I go.  And everyone wants a go on my pink scooter, even my Granny has had a go, it is so good.

I would recommend this scooter to Father Christmas as a really great present for every girl and boy who has been mega good this year and would like a really really really special present.

I would mark this 11 out of 10.

Although this scooter was quite expensive, we have been extremely impressed with the style, ease of use and popularity of the scooter.  It is certainly gone down a storm with all of Lola’s friends.  It is also very sturdy and seems to recover extremely well from bumps and scrapes ~ Lola’s mum


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