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Men duck DIY duties


Ladies, it looks like we have been deluded for some time now according to survey results released this week.  It would appear that four out of ten of our blokes would rather employ a tradesman than attempt basic DIY jobs! So what real use are they then?  Hopefully, these four make up for their lack of DIY knowledge by being either fantastic in the bedroom or the kitchen, preferably both!

The study of 2,000 men found that most lack the ability to carry out straightforward tasks such as tiling walls, fitting a carpet or changing taps. Incredibly, 47% of men admitted they didn’t know how to fit a curtain rail and 39% were clueless as to how to strip wallpaper. In fact, one in five blokes admitted things have gone badly wrong when they have had a crack at DIY.

Chris Burke, of, a UK based tradesmen recommendation service, which commissioned the research said: ”People who assume most men can turn their hand to some of the more basic tasks, such as drilling a few holes to fit a curtain rail are wrong.

”On bigger tasks – such as doing the plumbing in bathroom suites or fitting kitchens – sometimes it’s just better to source outside help rather than risk things going wrong.”

The survey also revealed that some guys don’t even know how to change a fuse, change bath or sink taps, unblock a sink or toilet or even consider trying to remove a radiator to decorate.

Nearly half of British men claim to be so bad at DIY because no one has ever shown them how to do it, and a third can’t be bothered to teach themselves. A fifth of men say they might do more DIY if they didn’t work such long hours!

Thank goodness that they aren’t women who along with holding down a full time job find time to raise their children, cook, clean and deal with periods!

Who does the DIY in your house?


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