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Mastering the psychic gift – how to help not hinder

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Becoming psychic is a huge step forward in your evolution. It’s a skill that can take years of work (mostly on yourself) to develop. It gives you more control over your life and understanding over yourself and others. Becoming psychic opens a whole new world, and one you’ll want to explore. It can be like having a new toy that you’ll want to play with at every opportunity. Having earned this skill and made that great leap forward in your understanding and wisdom it seems only natural that you will want to use your insight to help others.

But how can you be sure that the insights you get ARE helpful? How do you know when to share your insights and when it’s better to keep quiet? Is it possible that your psychic gift actually causing more harm than good?

During my years as an intuitive therapist I have had the sad burden of helping people picking up the pieces of their tattered lives which were shredded by misguided advice from well meaning, but poorly trained, psychics.

One woman had been told by a psychic that her husband was sexually abusing her children and that she should leave him, which she did. It was a disaster! She took her children and her husband. She tried but failed to find any evidence of paedophilia. Despite no evidence her public accusations ruined his reputation and damaged his business putting them all in financial difficulties. After months of having no proper place to live, financial hardship and emotional distress for everyone she came to see me. I couldn’t pick up anything to suggest that her husband was a paedophile. I could only detect a strong sexual energy which might be interpreted as abusive as it was very strong. Some people interpret strong energy as a threat if they themselves feel weak. It was this energy that I suspected the previous psychic had sensed and misinterpreted, sadly leaving this poor woman’s life in shreds as a result.

It was just these kinds of situations that led me to set up Psycademy, an organisation that trains psychics to empower and transform clients at the deepest level.

People want transformation not information

When people come to you as a psychic have you ever stopped to wonder what they REALLY want from you? They may be asking for information. “What’s going to happen? Will he ever come back? Will I get that job? What should I do?” And so on.

But if you dig beneath the surface of the most common questions clients ask of their psychic it all boils down to the same thing.

People want to feel like they are in control of their lives. In order for many people to get into the driving seat what they need is transformation (not information) they want skills, confidence, self belief, inner strength, resolve and to be able to access internal resources that they don’t have. How do you know they don’t have them? Because of the very nature of the questions they are asking.

As a psychic the very best thing you can do for your client is to learn some highly effective transformative skills that will help your clients to find and tap into their own inner resources and strength.

Do’s and don’ts for Psychics

DO NOT give self fulfilling prophesies

Don’t tell anyone what is “going” to happen, especially if it involves limiting themselves in some way. When you see a future remember that what are seeing is only one possible future which is being created by actions in the present. Change the actions, change the outcome.

Do help your client to create their future

Use your gift as a psychic and some effective coaching skills to help your client create the future that they choose and desire. It is entirely possible to assist a client to discover their karmic purpose and help them to create a future that is in alignment with that.

Do not take away their free will

Don’t tell your clients what they should or should not do. Instead help them to realise that they have choices. By opening up possibilities in your clients mind, helping them realise that they have the power to act on their choices to make it happen, they will be empowered to ground their spiritual vision.

Do give information that increases choice

A high level psychic will be able to see beyond their clients limitations and see them in their full magnificence and perfection as a spiritual being. By assisting your client to realise this for themselves it will increase their choices, their confidence, the control they have over their behaviour, emotions, reactions and indeed their whole lives. Assist your client to see beyond their own limitations to the true magnificence within.

Do Remember Your Words Have Power

As a psychic you have power. Your clients will look to you for guidance and to lead them. Take care with every word you say and take care to avoid saying anything in a glib or throwaway way just in case they pick up on that one point and act on it. Treat every word you say with caution as it has power and can even act like a spell cast over your client. Your words can curse and imprison, or they can liberate and empower. Think carefully about EVERY word before you utter it.

Don’t TELL, instead ask questions.

Asking questions actually gives you the psychic more control over how the session goes and is much more empowering for the client. With careful precision questioning you can assist the client to get right to the heart of whatever their concerns are. Most people and most untrained psychics focus only on surface level issues. All surface issues have at their root cause a deeper concern. By solving the BIG problem your client is able to make much bigger changes in their lives.

Do NOT undermine their confidence or happiness

As a good psychic you will be able to see their limitations. You will know exactly where they lack confidence, or don’t believe in themselves. As a psychic it’s your job to help them to remove these and move beyond them.

Do use the HIGHEST level insights

Some psychics get day to day information that the client usually already knows. These hard facts can be very impressive as proof of your abilities, however this information is usually has very limited use for the client. Instead aim to get your insights form the highest source, or even source itself. Insights that focus on their karmic purpose, their evolution as an individual, and that empowers them will ultimately be the most useful and is what will have your clients coming back to you time and time again.

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by Dr Lisa Turner


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