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Make-up tricks to help you through the festive season

make-up tips to see you through the festive season

Fine Lines

When you’re not well rested, those fine lines seem to get deeper. The solution is an illuminating cream that will reflect the light so that your wrinkles are less noticeable. Apply a thin layer of the illuminating cream and lightly buff with a makeup sponge to clean up any excess. However, if your skin is prone to break-outs, you may want to use a shimmer powder at the end of your makeup routine rather than a cream before your foundation. The powder will also illuminate your skin, deflecting the light so that no one sees your fine lines.

Dark Circles

When we get overly tired, even the best concealer won’t hide our dark circles. So, instead of trying to hide them with too much concealer, you can make them look intentional by using soft eyeliner to ring your eyes. Go for a nice chocolate brown instead of black for a less severe, softer effect. Then, blur with a cotton bud.

Dull Complexion

Everyone knows that too much partying can cause our skin to look dull and sallow. All of us want to shine during the holidays, so we must create that glow with bronzing gel. You can mix a few drops of liquid bronzer to your regular foundation in the palm of your hand and then apply to your face. The copper colour in the bronzer will eliminate any grey or green undertones in your peaked skin. A little extra bronzer applied at the tops of your cheekbones will also give you a natural-looking radiance.

Bloodshot Eyes

Another problem that can plague us when we’re getting too little sleep is bloodshot eyes. Besides Visine, how can we make the whites of our eyes whiter? The trick is with navy, not traditional black, mascara, which can make the whites of your eyes brighter. To make eyes even whiter, try tracing a dark-blue eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. This trick is guaranteed to make your eyes twinkle brighter than the star on the Christmas tree.

Cracked Lips

All that running around in the cold, frosty air searching for just the right gifts can leave you with dry, cracked lips. To solve this common winter problem, it is best to go with a shimmery, moisturizing lip colour. And, forget the traditional holiday red if you’ve got dry, cracked lips. Most reds are matte, which minimizes colour bleeding, but can leave your lips feeling tight and dry. A shimmer lip colour will moisturize lips and make them look plumper. Try a shiny coral, which will brighten your face and provide the same drama as red lipstick.

Tired-looking Eyes

If you aren’t getting enough rest, it always shows up in your eyes. To bring the twinkle back, use a metallic, not glittery, eyeshade. Champagne is a good shade for fairer skin tones and copper works well for the darker complexion. Dab a small amount of metallic shadow in the middle of your eyelid, and then apply a sheer gold or silver over the entire lid. The metallic colour glimmers whenever you blink.


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