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Make life with IBS simpler

irritable bowel syndrome

Did you know that twice as many women suffer with Irritable Bowel syndrome than men?  No one knows exactly what causes the symptoms but the most common age to get IBS is between 30 and 50.  Great, something else for us ladies to look forward to!

Chatting to our Real Women Today friends and family, there does appear to be some simple health advice tips to ease the symptoms so we would like to share them with you.

Watch out for your trigger foods - a number of foods may set off your IBS symptoms, so keep an eye out for them and accept that if you chose to eat them, you may suffer. Your triggers could include fibre, alcohol, coffee, sweetners, beans, fizzy drinks, undercooked or fatty foods.
Eat slowly – IBS is a digestive problem, so take your time eating any meal or snack – don’t rush.
Exercise - Try Yoga, Pilates or swimming.  Not only are they de-stressing activities but they will help your posture and keep you fit.
Drink Plenty of Water – avoid carbonated drinks but try to drink at least two litres of sugar free fluid per day.
Hypnotherapy - as with every therapy, will work for some people but not others.
Give up the fags – cigarette smoke irritates many things including IBS symptoms.

Visit www.theguttrust.orgfor more information.


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