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Hallway tidy interiors

We welcome our family and friends into our homes through the hallway. As it is the first internal part of our home that they see, it’s important that it gives the right impression. Too many people neglect this space with the excuse – it’s just a walkthrough. It might be just a walkthrough, but a badly designed hallway can leave your home feeling unwelcome, no matter what design surprises you may have hidden behind closed doors.

Hallways come in various shapes and sizes and can be one of the hardest areas to decorate successfully, so give your design ideas some serious thought and do some research. Once you have an idea of the image you want to achieve, stand at your front door to visualise exactly how you are going to create your look.

Remember that there are no rules when it comes to decorating your home, so don’t be afraid to inject some of your personality into your hall area. Many people still choose white walls to help keep the space light and airy, but with high traffic volumes the walls can soon start to look shabby and dirty so only opt for white walls if you are happy to maintain them on a regular basis. Instead, why not consider painting the hallway two colours – one dark, one light. Paint all the walls that are left facing; light, and all the right facing ones: dark – this will not only add visual interest but will also help to create a feeling of warmth and open space.

Think about the volume of traffic and how much cleaning will be required when considering which flooring to choose. If you are having carpet make sure you get a hardwearing, stain resistant one with good underlay. You don’t have to choose a dark coloured carpet, just make sure you have the facility for people to wipe their feet properly before they enter. If you are opting for a wooden floor, a non-slip door mat is essential and remember only to use a runner if it is necessary and there are no tripping hazards.

Next contemplate the function of the area – have you got room for furniture or storage items? Consider this carefully as the last thing you want is for people to struggle getting in or out of your home.

Console tables can look nice in a hallway and are functional for displaying fresh flowers and storing post and keys – just purchase the right size for the space and don’t go too big. If you struggle to find one that meets your needs, why not consider making one yourself? Likewise, if you want coats and shoes to be stored search the internet for some clever storage solutions – there are plenty out there that are mule-functional and take up minimum space.

If you have natural light coming into your hallway, try not to block it out. Think about your window coverings and try to keep them to a minimum. However, if you like the idea of heavy curtains, design it so they can be pulled back during the day to let the light flood in. If you have no natural light, consider replacing full wood internal doors with half glass ones – you will be surprised at the difference it makes.

If you have a high ceiling then don’t be afraid to showcase a stunning chandelier. If not, think about adding spot lights to the ceiling and stairs, or use a couple of strategically placed lamps to add an array of artificial light.

Finishing Touches
Accessories should always complement your décor. Mirrors are brilliant for reflecting natural light and will help any area to look wider. Display some unusual pieces of art to get people talking, or use black and white photographs in the same finished frames; or a themed display of pictures to generate an area of interest.

Finally think about the small finishing touches that will complete your look and help create that wow factor – replace boring white plastic light switches and plug sockets with trendy silver ones. And if you can’t afford to update your radiator, either paint it or cover it will a stylish radiator cover.

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