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Katie Price – role model?

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I was fortunate enough to miss out on the latest Katie Price appearance in my local town centre on Saturday, but as I walked past the shop where she was due to appear, there were queues of young girls (not boys) stood in the rain, waiting patiently.

I’m at a loss as to what they see in her.  How is she a positive role model for girls of today’s generation?  I look at her and see a string of unsuccessful and very public relationships, two broken marriages, soft porn movies, children with different fathers, public spats on Twitter with ex’s and a great deal of plastic surgery.  The only real thing about her is her ability to generate a lot of money through her brands surrounded by some very clever marketing and PR people who are also making a great deal of money out of her.

What’s the harm you may say?  As a role model to our teenage generation should she seriously be advocating broken relationships, multiple fathers and selling pictures of her body parts?  Don’t we have enough problems with our teenagers aspiring to be size zero catwalk models? Yes she is glamorous and has a glamorous lifestyle and I have no doubt that she works hard for it but surely aspiring to be Katie Price is somewhat misguided?

I’m not sure what can be done to disuade young girls from admiring her but it would be nice if Katie’s management team advised her to think about what she could do to influence and advise young girls in a more positive way – after all, not everyone gets to date footballers or pop stars and very few teenagers can afford very expensive plastic surgery!

Who do you think are the best role models for our kids these days?


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