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by Jilly Cooper

I have always been a Jilly Cooper fan and followed the exploits of Rupert Campbell Black through the raunchiest of her novels.  So when I saw Jump, it didn’t take me long to decide to purchase.

Isn’t it satisfying when you pick up a book and it is a real story – one that is weighty and will take you time to read – what a great summer holiday read.  The trick was, could I wait for my summer holiday to read, well no I couldn’t.  So four weeks to go until my holiday and I am almost finished.

I loved this book – Jilly hasn’t lost her ability to tell a story and interweave the diverse characters – from the local vicar to the new money, whatever their age, sexual proclivity – all are included in this lovely story.  The harrowing family ties that are neither chosen or sought, it certainly brings home the fact that you certainly can’t and don’t choose your family members.  And I do so love that characters from past novels that are involved, if not directly, it is now the new generation that become part of the book and the stories.

I love the description, plans and outline of the village, who lives where & who owns which animal – all so real.

I felt that in Jump! there was no sensational naughty sexy bits (well just a very little smattering) but a lovely story of the struggles of one lady and everyone who came into her circle.  Etta Bancroft, the central and most lovely figure, I can’t wait to see how things pan out for her.

If you buy one good read this summer, make it this one.


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