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Jean Trends – Summer 2012

The jean has been a wardrobe staple internationally for almost one hundred and fifty years, and has yet to ever leave the public eye, or the catalogues of wholesale ladies clothing manufacturers worldwide. The classic blue denim trouser, the ‘blue jean’ has become a cultural icon for America, where it found its roots as the iconic attire for the cowboys of the American west, and in 2005 a reported $15 billion was spent on jeans across the fifty states. The jeans business is a lucrative one and everyone from the tiniest designer to international fashion houses are very much aware of this.

Like all iconic styles such as the pencil skirt or the little black dress, the jean will never go out of vogue. Instead, each season designers give the style a twist, reflecting that season’s hottest trends, and keeping them fresh from year to year. With the blossoming of Spring/ Summer 2012, the jean sees a whole new vocabulary, as designers and ladieswear wholesalers alike experiment with prints new and old for a vivacious ethic or floral vibe.

Hottest of all is a new trend for Summer 2012, the skinny crop. This style requires a lot of confidence; its laid-back continental glamour will compliment ladies with longer legs to perfection, but will be dangerously unforgiving for those without. Bleached and texture jeans have been turning heads too in the collections of ladieswear wholesalers and continental fashion houses alike, combining a print-like detail with a grunge edge.

Last year’s colour trends for spring and summer seem to be staying strong to continue through 2012. Spring and summer are lively seasons, with an unashamed and much needed vivacity following this year’s icy winter. Designers have presented manufacturers and fashion critics alike with a wide range of colours to work with, and though prints may be the flavour of the month, the palette of any summertime is always an exciting one. Heavyweight trend colour-blocking felt a lull over the winter months, but seems to have returned with a vengeance for the summer, as jeans in reds, pinks, greens and violet hues have flooded the catwalks of New York Fashion Week with colour.


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