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It’s still cool to be a Cougar

Two thirds of women would happily date someone ten years younger than them, research has found. The study of 1000 daters looked at exactly what we’ve come to expect from a first date, and apparently, some men might turn up with a woman not quite their age.

Only 23% of men said the same of their female counterparts, much preferring someone their own age.

Seems neither party would lie about it though as 92% would be totally honest about themselves on their first date, choosing to start with a clean slate.

The study, conducted by dating website, also looked at how much effort will be put in on a first date. Surprisingly, 5% of men would go on a diet to look their best for a new love interest (4% of women said the same).

A spokeswoman for online dating site,, which commissioned the report, said: ”Women used to be okay with dating an older man but not a younger one, but the situation has reversed.

”Firstly high-earning women don’t need to look to older men for money anymore, and aspirational women like Madonna, Kylie and Caroline Flack have normalised the behaviour of dating men considerably younger than them.

”Add to this the fact that women are looking much younger for longer, with many in their 40’s and 50’s passing for 30 year olds, and it looks like the cougar is here to stay.”

The RWT team are certainly glad to hear this.  Particularly as we had been looking for excuses to be able to grab young mens’ bottoms on a Saturday night without getting arrested!


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