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Is emotional abuse a form of domestic violence?

Current legal rights state that if you are frightened of your current or former partner, you have a right to be protected under the law.

But do you have the same rights if you suffer from emotional abuse?

Emotional abuse in a relationship is used to control, degrade, humiliate and punish a person.  Whilst this is not the same as domestic violence the end result is the same.  The difference being suffers of domestic violence are battered black and blue.  Sufferers of emotional abuse have no visible signs – yet the victim can often end up doubting their every thought and everyday behaviour.

Under new Government plans, husbands and wives who emotionally abuse their partners could be guilty of domestic violence.  However, the new plans have not gone down well with everyone.  Erin Pizzey writing in the Daily Mail sates that claiming emotional abuse is a bad as violence abuse ‘insults every battered wife’.

As a victim of emotional abuse I tend to disagree with Erin Pizzey.  But what about you? Real Women Today would love to hear what you think…


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