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How to know if he’s your soulmate

Soulmate real women advice

Finding ‘the one’ or ‘Mr. Right’ can seem to take what feels an eternity, relationships vary, people change, and different opportunities emerge for each of us – which can make identifying your soulmate extremely difficult, to give you ladies a helping hand I would like to share with you 7 ways you can identify your soulmate spiritually.

1) How does he dress?
Clothes give away more than we think. On a spiritual level what you and he wear can be the make or break in any crush or relationship. Take time to note down what his style is and what yours is and see if you both tally up. To give you an example; a city banker who wears; pressed suits, designer underwear, designer clothing, Rolex watches and real leather briefcases, will be spiritually attracted to a woman who wears; vintage/designer clothing, small simple accessories, a mixture of corporate and vibrant colours.

2) Do you feel like you’ve known him for longer than you actually have?
Some women that are dating, or in relationships are always more struck by the said man when they feel like ‘strangely’ they have known them for longer than they actually have. That’s because they have…in a previous life. Those who have been entwined in previous lives always find each other and make an instant connection, meaning that they are in fact destined to stay with each other in each life.

3) Where is your intuition guiding you?
Many women don’t keep in tune with their intuition as they are so focused on what the media tells them is right for them in a man. Meditate, day dream, and get back in touch with your intuition and you’ll know when it feels right.

4) Does he fit in with your visualisation?
Every woman should visualise what their significant other could look like, act like, and feel like. You can do this through a ‘Magic Board’ – cut out or draw pictures of the kind of man you envisage being with, the places you would like to be with him the places he would likely be, and when you do meet him check if he makes you feel as warm and glowing as you do in your visualisations. If you feel the glow, then you know!

5) Learning to love yourself
Sometimes a woman can have such low self-esteem that even when her intuition is screaming out about her perfect love match she could ignore it simply because she may feel; too overweight, too old, too unattractive, or too boring. Everyone is beautiful, and the right man your intuition chooses will love you and care for you for who you are, not what you got so don’t let confidence get in the way of something special.

6) Do your souls connect?
How do you both connect? Does he know when you are upset, and you he? Does he sometimes finish off your sentence and you his? Does he always know what to say and how to act, and you him? These are small and yet significant examples that prove the connection of your souls. So keep an eye out for anything small and yet deeply connected.

7) How deep is your love connection?
How do you feel when you are being intimate with your man? Do you feel warmth rising within you? Do you just feel right? When you kiss do his lips and kissing style just feel spot on? And when you are in the bedroom do you feel an invisible energy surrounding your bodies, and it feels like you’re ‘making love’ as opposed to ‘sex’? If you can answer yes to one of those questions than you definitely have a ‘keeper’.

Finding your soulmate is a hard, but yet rewarding process, and believe me there is a man for every woman. Even if he’s not your usual type, but the connection strikes you instantly and you can’t help but feel drawn to him, let yourself. If you are with a man at the moment, who you are never quite sure about, then I hope this article helps you with a potentially life changing experience.

Everything happens for a reason, and love is a reason to live for. So when you feel you ‘got it’ don’t let it go, let yourself be happy!

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