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How to create a celebrity bedroom

Make your bed the focal point

Make your bed the main decorative focus in your bedroom. A grand king-size is obviously preferred but, if you don’t live in a Beverly Hills mansion, work with the space you have.  Add texture and colour with your bedding to make your sleeping area fit for Hollywood. Choose a quirky headboard or frame to make a statement with your bed.  A TV bed will add a touch of futuristic glamour to your room, while hiding away your TV when you’re not using it, to create a serene environment.

Not content with the countless sports cars sitting on her driveway, rap mogul Missy Elliot had the people at Ferrari construct a huge 16-foot by 8-foot model Ferrari Spider bed! It included a TV screen in the bonnet, storage space for her shoe collection in the boot and space for a king size mattress in the interior all for a mere £50,000.

Your bed should be as comfortable as possible to help you maximise your beauty sleep. A good mattress replaced every 8 years will have you waking up feeling like a million dollars.


Large wall mirrors, ideally opposite each other, are great for creating the allusion of more space as well as for admiring yourself. The more space you have, the more expensive your room will appear, so this optical illusion is ideal for getting that celebrity look.

Art work

Celebrities are huge fans of art work and will pay big bucks for obscure abstract art to bring something different into their homes. Instead of spending a fortune, you could make some abstract art by stretching canvas across cut off pieces of wood. Once you’ve done that you can be as creative or minimalist as you like. Remember it doesn’t have to resemble anything; abstract art can simply consist of lines and shapes.  If you’re lacking creativity you could always buy a framed picture to make a great finishing touch.

Calming colours

The decor in the room you wake up in every day can really affect the way you feel. Celebrities spend a lot of time and money getting the feng shui of a room just right, but you don’t have to go to such lengths to create a peaceful space.  Painting a room a calming colour can transform its mood. Whites, blues and pastel shades have a relaxing effect.  Layering different textures and using soft lighting can prevent these colours making a room feel cold.

Dressing areas

A dressing area is compulsory in a celebrity bedroom. Ideally you should use a whole other room  but most of us don’t have enough space. Well organised wardrobes which allow you to find all your favourite outfits quickly are a more compact alternative to a walk in closet.

A make-up or grooming area must feature in your bedroom. Invest in a spacious dressing table and organise it with additional drawers and boxes to make it easy to get your hands on all your miracle lotions and potions.



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