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How could you have coped without your maid of honour?

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With all the wedding kerfuffle going on, she has been your rock.  When you nearly had a nervous breakdown over the wrong flower arrangements, she kept you calm. From planning the hen party, shopping for ‘the’ dress, helping the groom pick out your ring, menu tasting and choosing the perfect reception decor, your maid of honour has been a godsend and lord only knows how you could have coped without her. So what could you possibly get her to thank her for being your unofficial wedding planner? Here are five top gift ideas for the special guest at your wedding.

1.       Spa Day/Weekend

Planning a wedding is a very stressful time even with the excitement of planning your special day. Your maid of honour and chief bridesmaid has been taking some of that pressure off you, but is bound to feel some stress from playing such an important role in your wedding.  While you’re being whisked away on your most deserved honeymoon, why not treat her at the same time and book her into a lovely spa retreat? She can de-stress with endless massages, facials, manicures and rejuvenating treatments, re-charge her batteries and enjoy some well-deserved time out. Depending on your budget and her schedule, spa days can start from £90 (which includes a couple of treatments) and spa weekends start from £190, depending on season and location.


2.       Jewellery

Jewellery is a popular maid of honour gift as it has sentimental value and can be tailored and personalised to the individual. Whether you decide to go for a necklace, pair of earrings, bespoke charm bracelets or a complete jewellery set, it’s quite important to know her taste and style. Jewellery as a gift is something personal and something she’ll treasure so it might be a good idea to play detective while you’re out doing wedding bits to get an idea of what she likes and would get most use out of.  If you want to get some ideas, have a browse on John Greed Jewellery to give you inspiration.


3.       Personalized Photo Albums

Personalised photo albums are an ideal way for your maid of honour to record the best moments of the day. Professional photographs are great but behind the scenes snap shots and captions in a diary format would be even more memorable. The album could include moments and events leading up to the wedding including the hen night, dress fitting and rehearsals.  Making a personalised album is inexpensive and easy to do though a little time consuming so make sure you put time aside to put it together before the big day. You can collate all your photos, save them in one file and use sites like photo box, snapfish and my photo book to create a personalised album yourself.


4.       Flowers and Champagne

You can never go wrong by showering your maid of honour with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a bottle of her favourite champagne. This gift could also be factored into the wedding as you could present it to her during the reception and say a few words of how much you appreciate all her hard work. This could be accompanied with a thank you card with a special personal message that she is sure not to forget.


5.       Gift Card

A girl will never say no to shopping so a gift card from her favourite store or brand is sure to be appreciated. This gift may be a little less traditional, but if you know that she really wants to update her wardrobe or needs holiday clothes, then it’s perfect. Maybe she has been saving up for an expensive pair of shoes that your budget can’t quite stretch to but that a gift card will help to pay for. Again, including a personalised card and message will add sentimental value and whatever she does decide to buy with the gift card will remind her of how grateful you were to her being such an awesome maid of honour.


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