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Hands off my Man!

hands off my man

We read different articles about affairs and the effect they can have on a relationship.  Some experts would say they can help to save a marriage; provide the jumpstart it needed to get things back on track, others would state that once someone has been unfaithful there can be no going back.

So what can you do to keep your man on his toes and wanting more? First you have to understand a few things about our male counterparts:-

♥ Men are not as romantic as females. They can be ready for sex instantaneously
♥ Men don’t always want to be the ones to initiate sex, they like it when the woman takes control
♥ Men like women who can be naughty in the bedroom, not afraid to try new things and not afraid to provide the element of surprise
♥ Men don’t like to guess what turns you on – they like women who are vocal and will say what they like and tell them what to do
♥ Men don’t like being responsible all the time for ensuring females orgasm. It’s a well-known fact that the majority of women take longer to come. Sometimes women should be prepared to finish the job!
♥ Withdrawing from sex as punishment just doesn’t work with men.  Doing this could direct their sexual attention elsewhere
♥ Most men have affairs because they feel undervalued in their current relationship
♥ Most do NOT have affairs because they are no longer in love
♥ Men have affairs because they are not getting enough sex at home

If you are not having regular sex with your bloke because you’re too tired, then this can really knock his confidence. We all know that men think about sex a LOT more than women so it’s important that you keep the sexual interest between you high. Take a step back and think about what made you get together in the first place – I bet great sex was part of the attraction but that was before you bought a house, had 3 children and began your 24/7 demanding career – right?

It’s not that women suddenly loose interest in sex, it’s just that other things take priority. But ladies, a man will not understand that the reason for your neglected appearance or reduced sex drive is because you have been running the household, holding down a job, cooking and cleaning and looking after the kids…

So how can you keep your man satisfied with regular sex whilst doing everything else on your list? Easy! With a little planning and a lot of imagination you can take control whilst once again becoming the woman of his dreams!

Here’s how…

Make sure you are silky smooth, smelling gorgeous and looking hot at all times. This doesn’t mean full make-up and hair perfect, but wear the clothes he likes to see you in, show a cheeky bit of cleavage or make the most of your slender pins – do casual but sexy.  Exaggerate your movements when doing everyday tasks, brush against him seductively, have that naughty glint in your eyes, have a cheeky grope occasionally and flirt outrageously.

Next you need to adapt a ‘naughty’ side.  Do things that you haven’t done before – it could be something as easy as sending him a text at two in the afternoon; I want you.

Let your naughty side out; it will give you more control over how often and when you have sex.  It will also ensure your sex life doesn’t become the quick romp between the sheets every Saturday night.  But be warned – if you are building up his hopes, under no circumstances can you not deliver. So as sad as this sounds, look at the calendar and plan the days when you know your naughty self can come out to play. Change the days every week and if possible, try to differ what you do. I know it doesn’t sound very romantic ladies, but planning it ahead along with everything else that you need to do really does make it so much easier to organise and believe it or not, very exciting for you!

So, what can you do that your other half will not expect? Try these for starters (if you’re not already doing them):-

♥  Greet him at the door, silky smooth, smelling gorgeous wearing the most seductive underwear you own.  Put your finger to his lips to stop him from saying anything.  Lead him into the bedroom and seduce him, staying in control throughout.
♥ Invest in some naughty uniforms and role play.
♥ Be naughty. Invest in some sex toys and let your partner catch you ‘playing’ on your own.
♥ Buy some sex toys for you to use on him.
♥ During your family evening meal, walk past him and whisper in his ear that you are not wearing any underwear!
♥ Arrange to meet him at a hotel after work.
♥ Have text sex or phone sex.
♥ Watch a porn movie together.
♥ Blind fold him.  This will give you confidence and really heighten his sex urge.
♥ Invest in pole dancing or striptease classes.
♥ Serve his tea naked.
♥ Instigate sex outside.
♥ Send him naughty text messages – you might be surprised at his reaction.

There are so many scenarios; you just have to use your imagination. You know what your partner likes so think about what you can do to become his fantasy.  Keep surprising him and you will soon have much more control over your sexual activity. And your other half… well he will love his new found ‘naughty’ lover and will be like putty in your hands.

Let me know how you get on…



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  2. Real Women Today says:

    I totally agree Maggie – sounds like a great idea for an article…
    When can we expect it in????

  3. Maggie says:

    Good article but surley our men need to try to understand a thing or two more about us too?

  4. Nicola says:

    Like your thinking – going to give it a try…

  5. babs says:

    I play naughty housewife with my partner. We have been together for 24 years. It keeps our relationship young and alive.

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