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Handbags – are they your guilty pleasure?

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I consider buying the perfect handbag to be a sure sign of a successful piece of retail therapy and I’m not alone. Many women will agree with me and will say that buying a new handbag made them feel happier than buying any other item and gives them a special sense of excitement.

We all know that we women love to shop but it’s interesting to see what items women get the most pleasure from buying. And anyone who has ever seen a woman on payday knows how much pleasure she gets from splashing her cash on something she’s had her eye on for a while – some of us even shake!

Instead of spending their money impulsively in this economic climate, most women, like me, now spend a lot of time carefully thinking before they buy a new handbag and are more likely to return to view the desired product on a couple of occasions and drooling before purchasing. Most women also claim that saving up and planning when to buy the coveted item creates a sense of anticipation and made the experience more pleasurable.  Perhaps, buying a new handbag is better than having an orgasm? To be honest, at my age, it comes close!

So ladies, what’s your guilty shopping pleasure?


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