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Hair Extensions


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Want to take the plunge and try a new look for your hair?
Check out this Real Women’s guide to getting them right!

This will vary depending on the salon but you are looking around £300 for human hair extensions or around £200 for a full set of synthetics

Weave – this is where the extensions are sewn onto your own hair after it’s been braided against your scalp.
Strand by strand – individual hair extensions are attached to strands of your hair using either glue or cold fusion which is much kinder to your hair.

Have a consultation with your hairdresser before you do anything.  There is no use in paying out good money if the result isn’t going to be what you hoped.

Go to to get some guidance on the questions that you need to be asking your hairdresser.

If a salon is offering a big discount, then be aware!  Always try to get recommendations from friends as you shouldn’t use a salon that you know nothing about.

Look after your new hair by applying a serum or smoothing cream to human extensions, or a recommended product that has been created specifically for synthetic hair.

Have regular check-ups.

Have hair extensions applied to close to your hair line if you want to be able to wear your hair up as the bonds will be visible and your golden locks won’t be fooling anyone!

Try to remove hair extensions yourself – this must be done by a professional to avoid any lasting damage.

Leave your extensions in for longer than the recommended time – your hairdresser will advise on this.

Then try these DIY fixes for fun…

1. Hershesons Clip in Hair Extensions, £22
2. Hot Hair Straight ‘n’ More Pin Up  volumising hair-bun enhancer, £12.40
3. Love Hair Extensions Clip-In Highlights £4


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