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Green People Gentle Tone

Green People’s anti-ageing products claim to draw on the effects of ingredients such as the Tara bush and Enteromorpha compressa (a type of algae), clinically proven to improve collagen production and firm the skin. The anti-ageing products also feature ingredients such as Rosehip oil and Cranberry oil – rich sources of antioxidants and Omega 3&6 essential fatty acids – to further help to protect against the signs of premature ageing.

We tested the Gentle Tone product from their range which claimed to increase collagen production by 100% and reduce wrinkles by 7%.

Now to be fair, the product does improve the condition of the skin and it does make your skin feel toned and firmer BUT you have to get used to the ‘organic’ smell as the traces of Rosehip Oil and Cranberry Oil do nothing to enhance the waft.

As a contender for an organic award – five stars, but as a contender for a pleasant smelling product that you put on your face, regretfully only 2 stars.

Available at all good online retailers from £8.75 for 50ml

For more information on the product range visit



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