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Getting the best out of Corfu

The Emerald Isle is the go-to destination for those who look forward to anything from picturesque, peaceful fishing villages to breathtakingly beautiful rugged scenery, and everything else in between that you would come to expect from a true Grecian paradise.

Corfu Town

Corfu Town’s lively cosmopolitan feel, full of rich and diverse European history and culture is considered a fascinating metropolis rather than misconstrued as loud and overbearing. Due to four centuries of Venetian rule, this attractive and vibrant town has a distinct and interesting Italian feel to it, evident by the two Renaissance fortresses protecting the town’s harbour. The town’s Spianada (a delightful green space) boasts a cricket pitch; a lasting hallmark which nods towards the island’s 19th century British occupation. Like the other Ionian islands, Corfu was never occupied by the Turks, so its centre has a distinct, yet varied, almost non-Greek culture which is as engaging as it is appealing.

Don’t miss: A family day out at Aqualand. It’s an amazing water park which is 75,000 square feet of fun and memories in the making.

Undeveloped inland areas

If you are after a taste of the “real Corfu”, then it would be a mistake not to travel inland to one of the island’s many areas almost completely untouched by tourism. Lefkimmi provides a glimpse into Corfu’s un-manicured, wild, natural beauty; characterised by free-growing lemon trees and olive vines, beautiful wild flowers which bloom in abundance, chickens pecking in yards, old women attentively sweeping steps and men lazing in the sunshine playing draughts and sipping ouzo. Soaking up the effortless, unhurried atmosphere of Lefkimmi is sure to evoke feelings of well-being and wholesomeness, only achievable when one strays far from the madding crowd.

Don’t miss: Visiting one of Lefkimmi’s strikingly- beautiful churches. Both Agioi Theodoroi and Agios Arsenious boast awe-inspiring architecture, and a stroll around either offers a cultured afternoon escape away from the beating sunshine.

Mountainous landscape

A significantly sized proportion of Corfu is mountainous, with a large range in the island’s north east and it’s home to Pantokrator, Corfu’s highest mountain. At 906 metres above sea level, Pantokrator can be gazed at through shaded eyes from most parts of the island. Many of Corfu’s visitors drive or cycle up her winding roads each year, keen to reach the summit. Unfortunately the finishing line itself is rather disappointing; save for a quaint monastery, the awaiting unattractive gaggle of radio masts do nothing for the ambience other than make the air audibly buzz. That said the jaw-droppingly beautiful views of Corfu that greet the triumphant mountaineer are well worth both the trek and the somewhat uninspiring surroundings. If solitude is what you seek, the mountains of Corfu are what you need.

Don’t miss: A trip to Aghios Markos, a pretty, and alluringly isolated, foothill village, lying a few kilometres above Ipsos. Untouched by tourism, an afternoon spent in this wonderfully sleepy village will restore you with peace and harmony thanks to its timeless, almost too-good-to-be-true beauty.

Refinement, peace and tranquillity

There is no denying that there are some parts of Corfu, mostly in the island’s deep south, that year-on-year give rise to alcohol-fuelled bad behaviour, sadly perpetuating Corfu’s somewhat one-dimensional reputation for being less- than-sophisticated. However, by God’s good grace, for every Kavos there exists a Nissaki, and what a blessing this is!

Don’t miss: If you are considering a villa in Corfu, look no further than the Villa Vinita. This sprawling holiday hide-away exudes continental chic, sleeps up to eight and whilst it is elegantly private and sophisticated, it is only a 10 minute walk away from Kassiopi’s shops, bars and tavernas.

Should you choose to visit Corfu this summer, do so with CV Travel and experience Corfu with class and style. CV Travel has over 100 luxury villas mostly on the north east coast of the island, around charming St Stephano and bustling Kassiopi, a region aptly nicknamed ‘Kensington-upon-Sea’ due to its well-heeled smartness.


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