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The first thing to do is understand your type of skin and think about what look you want from your foundation:-

• What is your skin type? Sensitive, dry, oily or a combination of both?
• Do you want something heavier that covers a multitude of sins? Do you want a foundation that is going to see you from day into evening?  Or do you want something that is light on the skin but provides long lasting coverage?
• Think about which application method you find easiest to use – liquid, loose powder, mousse or compact.
• Finally think about the finish you want – matte, sheer, full coverage, radiant or light.

Once you have decided you need to shop around for the right colour.  Finding the right colour can be the difference between your final look looking fabulous or disastrous.  Remember:-

• Paler complexions need pink toned foundations whilst darker skin needs yellow or golden toned foundations.
• Test the foundation on the back of your hand in a well lit area.
• Make sure the foundation blends into your skin and doesn’t just sit on top.
• Don’t go for the first one that you try.  Try several brands as they may contain different ingredients that work better for your skin.

There are no hard rules when it comes to which type of foundation you should use – it really is down to personal preferences.  However:-

• If you are a young teenager or are lucky enough to have smooth flawless skin, tinted moisturisers might be just what you need.  Also try these if you suffer from dry, sensitive skin as the complex composition will help to prevent your skin from dehydrating.
• If you are not that fortunate and need a slightly heavier coverage, try liquid foundations.  There are huge varieties to choose from so take your time when shopping for this.  All liquid foundations are easy to apply and blend.  Best coverage is recommended by using a damp makeup sponge.
• Once your start the ageing process and more wrinkles start to appear, try mineral powder if you have oily skin as you may find liquid foundation starts to sit in fine lines and wrinkles.  However, if you suffer with dry skin, then a cream foundation is recommended.

Also be aware that your skin does change as your get older, so don’t make the assumption that the foundation you used in your 30’s will still suit your skin tone and condition when you reach 50.  Don’t be afraid to experiment – and don’t get disheartened if you don’t find the perfect foundation immediately – it may take a couple of attempts! Just remember no matter what your skin condition, you will find a foundation out there that suits your needs.

Sue Hessom


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