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Although I am far from a prude when it comes to sex, I was quite surprised when I came across a very frank and open forum talking about female sexual experiences.  The entries covered a wide spectrum of intimate secrets and encounters and appeared to come from women of all ages.  The majority of topics focused on sexual fantasies, or stories about cheating partners but I did notice there were one or two that talked about female masturbation.  What surprised me was the fact that these entries had generated minimum responses, yet entries talking about Jeff being found in his marital bed with their best friends 19 year old daughter, had received page after page of comments.

Even now, my friends and I (who talk about everything) very rarely touch on the subject of masturbation – well certainly not in any great detail, but why? I understand that the majority of ladies that fall into my mums generation, would possibly consider masturbation a dirty word and certainly not one for open discussion, but surely the younger generations (and I include myself here) recognize it’s a well known fact that females masturbate as often as men.

Female sex parties that focus on tantalising underwear and the latest rampant rabbit are more commonplace now than ever, so why is there still this apparent feeling of shame when it comes to publicly admitting/discussing our self indulgence? Do women feel ashamed that they have had to resort to pleasing themselves?  Is it a subject that is to intimate to talk about? Or do some avoid it because they feel that by admitting it, they might in some strange way be secretly saying that they are not satisfied by their partner? What nonsense!

Every woman should be proud of their naked body regardless of its shape or size and participating in the act of masturbation can help achieve this.  Experimenting with the different techniques provides a deeper understand of the body and its’ needs and helps to locate those hot spots that assist in reaching multiple orgasm.  Masturbation can be enjoyed by both parties and watching your partner pleasuring themselves can be a highly invigorating, intimate sexual experience – don’t just take my word for it!  Remember, all sexual acts, whether performed on your own or with a partner should be a highly gratifying experience and no woman should ever feel guilty or embarrassed about the enjoyment it brings.

Unlike men who have a limited choice of masturbating techniques, women have a long and varied list to choose from.  Here are some of the most common methods used:-

1. Inserting one or more fingers into the vagina to stroke around the front wall of the vagina where the g-spot is located. Start with very soft feathery touches before building up the tempo.  Try to massage the breasts also, paying special attention to the nipples.
Tip: Using lubrication will help to achieve a more intense orgasm.

2. With one hand, gently insert one or two fingers into the vagina. With the other hand, begin tapping or rubbing on the clitoris. You’ll find the dual stimulation exhilarating. Vary the speed and positions until you get it just right.

3. Try lying on your back in the bath with the drain open.  Put your feet up near the taps so that the water runs directly down onto the vagina.  It’s not the most comfortable of positions but it can cause tremendous orgasms.  Or set the scene and have a nice relaxing bath.  Add some scented oils and light a few candles to intensify your senses. Comfortable, warm and relaxed, the bath is the perfect setting to build to a steamy climax through either clitoral or vaginal stimulation using one or more fingers.

4. Hand held shower heads are especially useful in directing the flow of water onto your body. Find a comfortable position, whether it’s sitting, laying or even standing in the shower.  Check the temperature of the water then begin experimenting by directing the flow of water onto different parts of the vagina. You may find a direct stream onto the clitoris to be exciting or you may prefer a flutter of water over the vaginal lips. Don’t focus all of your attention on your vagina, however, as the sensations caused by the stream of water hitting other parts of your body may be stimulating as well.

5. Try sitting on a pillow or cushion and rocking your hips back and forth – this can provide direct stimulation onto the clitoris. Thrust yourself up and down or from side to side to see which turns you on the most.

6. Standing up, use the corner of an item of furniture to help stimulate the genitals, or even sit on a washing machine or dryer while it’s being used – the heat and vibrations caused by the machine will add stimulation to regular masturbation.

7. The very large and super soft round headed brushes that are designed for putting on makeup can also be used as masturbation tools. Use light, flicking strokes around your nipples and down your body before you proceed to the vaginal area. Again, use light strokes at first to stimulate the area around the vagina. Though you’ll be tempted to use your fingers to finish the job quickly, staying with the brushing strokes will eventually bring you to a very powerful climax. You may also want to try a feather.

8. Some women can create strong orgasm by crossing their legs tightly and clenching the pelvic or leg muscles – this creates pressure and enhances the blood flow to the genitals.

9. Take a plastic bag and fill it up with ice cubes. Make sure to seal the top so the water doesn’t leak out during your masturbation session. Begin by rubbing the bag around your nipples and other sensitive areas before proceeding to your vagina. Try clitoral stimulation as well as insertion to see what works best for you.

10. Lying naked on your back, lubricate your anus, the anal area and your clitoris. Stick the index finger of one hand into your vagina to get it wet. Then, slowly slide that finger into the anus while at the same time slide the thumb of that same hand into your vagina. Use your other hand to stimulate the clitoris while wiggling your first hand into and out of your vagina and anus. The combination of these three types of stimulation is guaranteed to bring you immense pleasure.

11. Some women can achieve sexual pleasure simply by rubbing their legs together when wearing jeans. The friction created by the inner thighs on the jeans stimulates the clitoris. If you can manoeuvre your clitoris onto the inseam of your jeans, you may find that you can pleasure yourself just by rocking yourself or slightly rubbing your legs together.

12. Wearing a pair of tights (smaller size) to help stimulate the clitoris whilst walking or use them to help hold small love beads in place.  Great for work or shopping trips.

The list goes on and we haven’t even talked about the use of rampant rabbits or sexual aids. But, whatever you do ladies, please give at least one of the above a go.  It will definitely help with your confidence when making love and help boost your self esteem.  Don’t miss out by leaving it too late, sex should be enjoyed by both parties – remember that, so start understanding about the pleasures your own body can bring!

Sue Hessom


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