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Spring is here!

After such a long and dismal winter why am I not jumping up and down with glee? As a larger lady, I dread the thought of long summer days and having to resort to flashing my flesh.

I look at the choice of clothes displayed in the shops – capped sleeves (great for bingo wings) and big flowing tops with no style or shape – I am spoilt for choice!  Some high street stores have even gone as far as to make the nice short minis and cropped vest tops in my slender size 18 right up to size 28 – how thoughtful!

Why does our fashion industry insist on one style suits all?  Why can’t larger ladies have a fashion style all of their own?  I know this is no easy feat, but the scope for this has surely got to be worth the investment.  I appreciate that as a society we are encouraged to be healthy, to exercise and to loose weight and in an ideal world I would agree.  But what about those of us who are big boned, or those of us which through medical conditions carry excess weight?  Are we destined for a life of shapeless tops and low boring heels? When will a designer realise that larger women exist and that they too want to look beautiful and feel sexy?

My friends and I are all similar sizes, yet our body shapes’ are completely different.  Now I know that this rule applies right across the sizing spectrum, but as you get into the bigger sizes the differences are much more noticeable.  Some retailers are certainly improving with sleeker lines and sharper cuts, but COME ON, a size 18 lady comes in many different shapes – am I quite curvaceous and carry my excess weight around my stomach and on my legs, with my friend it is all on her boobs – so a size 18 fitted jacked looks great on me – yet it does nothing for her because the cut is all wrong.  So what do we do? Perhaps it’s time to re-consider the way that we size clothes?  Years ago I could walk into any shop and buy a size 16, knowing that it would fit.  Nowadays my clothes range from a size 16 right up to a size 22 depending on where the clothes are being purchased and the style.  No wonder that the once joyful experience of spending money on clothes has vanished only to be replaced with one of dread.

I want to be proud of my size – I want to feel sexy – where’s Gok Wan when you need him!

Sue Hessom




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