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Fashion – what a joke!

fashion - what a joke

I’m 5’9″, have maintained a weight between 14 stone and 14 stone 7lbs for the last 5-6 years (currently 14 stone 2lbs) and for this time have been a size 16 (plus at least long leg trousers).

As you can tell I’m no pixie, but I’m not huge. Yet, with this season’s new range of clothes – nothing fits! Purchasing 1 pair of jeans in the summer sale at Next at my usual size without issue, I went back 3 days later and couldn’t fit into a size 20. I don’t think I’d go up 2 sizes in such a short space of time unless, as was mentioned to me by one of the staff members, they have removed 2 inches of fabric from all kinds of places on their clothing to save money.

Not to mention the quality of the fabric has deteriorated greatly. Woollens are ‘in’ now, half of the wool coats and jumpers are thin cheap polyester based imitation, perhaps more suited to late spring than winter. If I wanted to buy clothes of that quality I could pick it up at half or a third of the cost in Primark.

I encountered a similar problem at Marks and Spencers. In regard to clothes, it has always had a reputation of relatively affordable and of good quality and value for money. I was very disappointed to find this was not the case. The quality was there but the size was not. I’ll speak frankly; I came away with a size 18 pair of jeans which do fit rather well. I measured them against 3 pairs of my own size 16 trousers and was shocked to find the size 18 was smaller than the 16! It explained why there was no bum space.

If I want to buy a shirt I either have to get stretchy to go over my chest (34F) so it fits my middle or 1-2 sizes bigger to fit my boobs (which looks like a great square sack below). I’m not the only one with this issue. I know the obvious answer is ‘lose weight’, and I am at the slower and recommended rate, but I’ll never be a size 10 – I wasn’t built for it. I don’t want to be a stick thin model. I want to enjoy life and love me for me, not what pop culture tells me to be, not what the clothing companies decide I should be.

Not a one of my friends, ranging from clothes size 8-22, have a chest less than a D cup. All of them have the same issue with tops.

As to trousers, my friends are anywhere between 5’0 and 6’0 tall (women) so those in the petite section (5’4″ and below) are also having trouble finding petite clothes, almost as much as those in the tall section are in finding trousers to fit them.

Why should clothes companies reduce sizes again to save money? Why should I be penalised by some tight fisted suit that probably gets all their clothes handmade? I think it’s criminal and discriminatory.

I know I’m not the only person having this trouble, but I don’t know where to begin making a stand. The clothing companies should be bought to account.

Thank you for reading.

Nicky, 22, Nottingham


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