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Famous and unfaithful – they’re not the only ones

Famous and unfaithful

If I was to embark on an affair or a one night stand and got caught, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t make the tabloids. Infidelity, cheating, adultery – whatever fancy name you want to give it they all amount to the same thing and to be honest, I don’t want to read about it – keeping my own relationship on the straight and narrow is hard enough thanks.  Anyway, why do the tabloids consider stories of infidelity newsworthy – surely there has got to be something more exciting happening in the world? And why isn’t more consideration given to the innocent parties in all of this? No child wants to read exploits about his adulterous parent on the front page of the newspaper – isn’t the family devastated enough?

Millions of people have affairs; it isn’t something that is reserved for the rich and famous. So why do we seem to revel in the fact that someone famous has been caught cheating?  Does it somehow make them appear more human or is it because we put them on a pedestal and expect their behaviour to be unquestionable? I overheard two ladies discussing this at a Supermarket. I couldn’t help but smile when one of them said ‘…the money he’s on, he should be ashamed of himself’.  What that has to do with it I’ll never know!

Over the years there have been numerous famous faces reported as being unfaithful – from famous sports personalities such as David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Tiger Woods and more recently Ryan Giggs, to pop idols; Mark Owen, to men in power; Bill Clinton and John Prescott.  But why does it appear to be famous males that are always reported in sex scandals? What about powerful, famous women? Do they not hold the same desire for the younger, less famous males?  Or is it simply that a woman would consider her family and the consequences more readily than a male, or could it be that women are simply much better at hiding it?

Several articles would have us believe that men in powerful positions are being targeted more than ever. A recent survey suggested there are a growing number of young, beautiful ladies who want to be footballers’ wives.  They have no ambition for anything else. They live for the evenings so they can attend well known clubs with the sole purpose of ‘snaring’ a famous man.

How sad.

These ‘ambitious’ young ladies need to show a bit of respect for the women whose men they are desperately trying to tempt. Wanting to ‘bed’ someone famous is no grounds for trampling all over another woman’s relationship or marriage. There are millions of unattached ‘famous’ men out there so why not target them instead?

But it’s not just the females – the men have to take their share of the responsibility – after all it does take two. But at what point do these famous men think that their one night stand or bit on the side will not kiss and tell? It’s hard to believe they are that naïve! No matter how famous or how much the ladies swoon guys, it doesn’t work like that. Honest!

Robbie Williams was quoted in The Sun as saying, ‘The rules aren’t set up right.  Because people are fucking outside of their marriages, outside of their relationships – People get caught out every single week in the newspapers. What does that mean? I think that means we’re built to fuck. And marriage, that whole institution is made-up bull’.
Taken from The Sun, Thurs 2nd June,2011

If that’s an insight on how famous men think, no wonder it’s all such a mess.

At the end of the day women should show a united front and stick together.  Respect each other. Respect the hard work we all endure in order to make our relationships work. I certainly had my moments in my younger years as did my friends, but I think with age comes wisdom and respect.
But how about you? Could you be an adulterer?  Test yourself by clicking on the link below.

by Sue Hessom


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