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Family Feud?

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There are nearly 20 million people in Britain who are not speaking to members of their family after bitter bust ups!

Are you one of them?

Family arguments are most likely to be over lending money, favoritism and disliking a relative’s partner and it is females that take the blame with eight out of ten people saying that it was women that were responsible for starting any trouble.

Most arguments are resolved within a year but one in five people admitted that they have gone more than three years without talking to a loved one and one in ten cases have refused to speak to someone for more than twenty years.

I once fell out with my brother for about three months because he had allowed his worm ridden cat to make a mess in my spare bedroom over Christmas and hadn’t bothered to clear it up when he left.  It seems like a very minor incident now, but at the time, I was really upset at his lack of consideration and the fact that he took it for granted that I would clear up his mess!  It’s easy to see how things can blow out of proportion over time though and we did make up.

There is nothing wrong in admitting to actually disliking members of your family either. Sometimes, they are just not our type of people and just because they are blood related, it doesn’t mean that we would choose them as our close friends. Whilst I love my family dearly, I think that I am much closer to a small group of my women friends who know so much more about me and who I am.  And believe me, there’s many a time that I’m grateful that I have them there.

Some of my friends refer to their own families as ‘dysfunctional’ and that certain members have ‘issues’.  I think we could all say that about our own relatives at some point in our lifetimes.  I am a strong believer though that any family feud should get resolved at some point so that people don’t go to the grave without making peace. Regret over something left unsaid or unresolved is very sad and a waste of good thoughts, particularly when sometimes just a phone call or a note could open up the door.

What do you think?  Have you got a ‘dysfunctional’ family relationship?  Have you been left with regrets at leaving things left unsaid until it was too late? The Real Women team would like to know your thoughts.


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