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Face flirting

Face flirting

So, you’re in the city, in a crowded place, indulging in a spot of people watching as you make your way from A to B. Emerging from the mêlée of faces there is generally one that makes your heart skip a beat or makes you swoon in some way, shape or form. As a shy and retiring type, whenever this used to happen to me I would rapidly look away in panic. However, with age and experience, I have learnt to embrace the sensation.

Instead of looking away, I continue to look at that person, taking care not to stare! I have developed the skill of  female eyelid batting. If they look back at you, give them a small seductive smile. I am not talking big cheesy cartoon grins here, one of those combined with a stare will have them running a mile.

Your hope is that you will add a bit of joy into their day and have them wondering, ‘Who was that dazzling creature?’ You should come away from the experience with a self-esteem lift, a spring in your step and knowing that you have still got ‘it’.

Even if you are in a relationship, I cannot see the harm in this. You are not trying to develop some form of relationship with this person, you are simply injecting a bit of good feeling into both of your days.

An important rule to follow, which I hinted at earlier on, is to engage in this with people who you are never likely to see again. So do it while you are in the city, in a different place for a day (that you are not likely to be visiting again anytime soon!), or on holiday.

I recently made the mistake of dabbling in a spot of face flirting on my own doorstep. I let my guard down at the petrol station. While the fuel pumps into the car I always take part in a spot of people watching. As I gazed across the pumps on this particular day I had to do a double take, a vision of a man with a striking resemblance to George Clooney stood before me. I have a bit of a weakness for Gorgeous George. I was mentally ticking off the features that were similar to those of George when I realised he was looking directly at me. I paniced, I was on my own patch, a married woman with Gorgeous George staring at me. I did give a quick smile, then looked away.

Can you guess what is coming next? A few days later I was walking down our local high street when Gorgeous George himself was walking towards me. ‘Keep calm, Keep calm’ I told myself. He looked towards me and recognition seemed to pass across his face. My mind went into overdrive as I imagined him approaching me with the ‘Don’t I know you from somewhere’ line and I would somehow have to explain my actions and flash my wedding ring around. So, on this occasion, I did look away and quickly move into the nearest available store.

So ladies, whether you are single or attached, give it a go and remember to share with the rest of us Real Women how you get on.

Rebecca Webb
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