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Fabulous, fit, fantastic and forty!

Fifty is the new forty

If you are in your forties and beyond you may have faced these questions about your body, energy level, and muscle tone.

What happens to women when they reach their forties and beyond? Do their muscles completely atrophy? Does their metabolism cease to exist? Do they loose all resistance to gravity? Does their fitness level dive to unrecoverable depths? It may feel like it some days but the answers to these questions is…

No, No, No and No!!!

In case you didn’t hear me, the answer to all of the above is NO! It’s no wonder women in their forties have a tough time with aging and understanding themselves. There are changes that occur, this is true. However, If you are experiencing these things and wishing you could do something about it, you can!

You may have heard it said that 50 is the new 40, and we all know 30 was already wonderful. But where does that leave 40?

I think, it leaves women in their forties a whole, wide – open stake to claim. There are many resources out there for women to utilize to feel better. You can read uplifting motivating books, spend time with friends who understand, purchase all the products made for home workouts.

But, the questions still remains, how will YOU claim YOUR stake?

How about by being Fabulous, Fit, Fantastic and Forty!

Fabulous: You were born fabulous and are already fabulous without improvement. Believe in yourself! This one action alone, the action of feeling OK with who you are, at any age, can motivate you take one small step toward getting in touch with that part of you that you’ve been missing. It is just one small movement, motion, action, thought, that can change the course of your day. So, again, Believe in YOU!

Fit: The goal: fit mind, fit body and fit soul. But, we can’t put 100% into everything at the same time. Choose what you will focus on and try to touch upon the others in for daily balance. Will you dance, go for a walk, do a 10 minute routine, take baby steps or jump in with both feet?

Fantastic: Even with all it’s challenges, life is fantastic. I think finding ways to remember this is integral to the motivational aspect of staying healthy and fit. You may want to try practicing gratitude. One of my favorites is a book called “Simple Abundance” and it accompany journal, “Gratitude Journal” by Sarah Ban Breathnach. One of her recommendations is this: each night write five things that you are grateful for. I’ve done this, it’s great. You’d be surprised what an amazing tool it can be to living a fantastic life!

Forty: Ugh, right. No! Forty is the New Fantastic!

Let’s just go with it and see if it fits. Find fitness and feel fantastic in your forties.

Dance, Move, Live!
Patty Rose

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