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Eye Candy 50’s Style Dramatise 016 Strip Lashes

Eye candy false eyelashes

Not being blessed with naturally long, thick, luscious eyelashes I do occasionally like to pop on a pair of ‘falsies’ for a glam evening out. However I don’t like them to be obvious falsies and particularly dislike the transvestite/Katie Price OTT look, so normally end up trimming the lashes a little.

Didn’t have to with these though as they were perfect. The application instructions were pretty much the same as everyone elses, but the lashes themselves did seem more difficult to apply because of the quite thick and fairly rigid band the lashes were attached to. It actually took quite a while to secure them in place (and I am quite a practiced lash fixer!) but once they were there, the effort was most certainly worth it. As far as everyone else was concerned I just had the most beautiful long eyelashes sweeping into a natural upwards curl on the outside edges. They managed to stay perfectly in place through 8 hours of drinking, dancing and sweating without the slightest hint of ‘wilt or peel’ …..unlike their wearer.

I would be able to use the lashes for at least another couple of wearings and being the cheapest I have used (less than £5 as opposed to the others being over £5 – including the chavvy Girls Aloud ones!) are the best value. I would not now bother buying any other brand.

Fantastic Product!!


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