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Energy Saving Resolutions: the tips that will save you hundreds in 2012

2011 was a year of big energy price increases from all the major suppliers, leaving around a quarter of UK households in fuel poverty.  Starting 2012 in the height of winter may be sending a chill down the spine of many energy consumers who are anticipating big winter fuel bills.

But 2012 is the year to get energy efficiency savvy and put in place some clever steps to beat the Big Six prices. Understanding how your household consumers energy and making some simple, small changes in the way you use appliances across your home could have a massive impact on your energy bill.

Follow these practical energy efficiency tips from Navetas Energy Management to find out how you can save over £200 in 2012:

  1. Cut down shower times by 1 minute a day – opt for a shorter tune to sing in the shower to keep that lathering to a minimum. Reducing your electric shower time by just one minute a day will save 61 kWh in 2012. For a family of four, that will equate to £36
  2. Turn off the TV and do something less boring instead – watching a big screen LCD TV for 6.5 hours a day uses around 6.68 kWh in a week – or 347 kWh over a year. Reduce your TV viewing by a couple of hours every day means you’ll save 106 kWh in a year – or £16.
  3. Enlist some helpers for the washing up – using your dishwasher every day will use around 524 kWh in 2012. Cut it out completely and you’ll save £77 a year
  4. Go for salads in the summer – using an electric oven for an hour every day uses a massive 710 kWh through the course of the year. Cut your oven cooking in half and you’ll save £52
  5. Stop boiling the kettle – Boiling the kettle three times a day will use around 117 kWh. Cutting out hot drinks completely may not be an option, but halving your kettle usage can save £9 in a year
  6. Go for natural drying - Three 30 minute runs of the tumble dryer every week will soon see you boosting your kWh usage by 195 throughout the year. Cut this in half, and your household could save another £14



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