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E45 Endless Moisture Derma Restore

E45 endless moisture derma restore cream

The packaging of this product was clean, no too big so that it was easy to hold in one hand whilst applying the lotion with the other. I always feel that it is a big plus to have a flip top rather than a removable one and in this case one that is large enough to be able to stand it on end to get that last of the product from the container! Even though the instructions on the reverse of the container were in a small typeface the dark blue print on the cream container made it fairly easy to read.

The smell of this product is light and pleasing which doesn’t create a ‘clash’ with perfumes that you want to be able to smell.

As a mature person that suffers quite badly from various skin allergies it is very difficult to find a body lotion that I can use, this product was an absolute delight. It really does do what it says on the container – ‘ Light weight – Quickly absorbed – Non greasy’

A little bit of this product really does go a long way and after 4 weeks I can tell the difference in my skin – it really does feel much softer and dare I say it – younger!

Because of the difficulties I have in finding products that I can use I would probably have begged or borrowed to buy this product but at such a reasonable RRP (£4.99 for 200ml) thankfully I won’t have to.

Thank you E45


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