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E45 Cream

E45 cream for dry skin

My husband has been using E45 cream for years.  He suffers with a form of dermatitis that often results in his hands and feet drying out whilst producing pockets of large, painful blisters on the palms of his hands and the soles of his feet.  He has tried various different creams at the suggestion of the doctors, but E45 appears to be the only cream that offers welcome relief preventing the blisters from appearing to their normal extent whilst combating his dry skin complaint.

He uses it like clockwork throughout the day, every time he washes his hands and before he goes to bed.  For the last four to five years his bouts of blisters have been minimal, each year they appear less and less and the dryness of his skin has improved immensely.

E45 cream is a product that he couldn’t live without and one that he swears by.

E45 is often seen as a treatment cream but my son and I also use the product.  I have quite oily skin, no dryness anywhere, but I still use E45 once a day on my hands and elbows.  The cream feels oily but doesn’t take long to sink in.  It definitely keeps my skin smooth, soft and supple and prevents it from drying out. Whereas my son likes to use it on his feet. He plays a lot of sports and regular use of the cream helps to prevent the build-up of the hard, rough skin he suffered with previously.

E45 cream is definitely a product that we highly recommend.  It can be used by the whole family, not just for those suffering with dry skin conditions.

It is widely available but check on-line for some very competitive pricing.


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