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Dreaming up the Meaning of Life

For thousands of years people have tried to interpret their dreams and while occasionally they can be innocent they can also be a sign of an underlying problem or worry. As a life coach, I always encourage my clients to take proper ‘me’ time, to relax and take stock of what is happening.  Even the slightest of stresses can be a major factor in effecting our quality of sleep and if the brain is prevented from processing worrying thoughts consciously, it often does so during sleep. So if any of these dreams have occurred to you more than once, it may very well be that your subconscious mind is alerting you to underlying problems that need to be dealt with.

These are five of the most common dreams and their interpretations:

1. Being Naked

In dreams clothes mean concealment, so being stripped of clothes in a dream is the brains way of telling us that we are vulnerable either to others not being honest with us or that our own secrets are going to be found out.

2. Teeth Falling Out

There are several theories about teeth dreams.  One theory is that they represent appearance and reflect our self-image and the loss of teeth shows anxiety about how we look.  Another says that they represent power and people who dream of losing teeth are often frustrated or fear that their voice is not being heard.

3. Falling

Dreams of falling are associated with unresolved worries and fear of failure.  This is also the dream that will more often than not wake the dreamer or cause muscle spasms.  Not being able to return to sleep will promote a cycle of anxiety.

4. Being Chased

Being chased in a dream is pretty much the same as in real life; we are running away from something that actually we should be dealing with or from something that will cause us distress.

5. Sex 

Dreaming about sex especially with someone who isn’t your partner tells you that you need an outlet for your emotions, that you are feeling closed in.  Or simply that you desire a more erotic sex life!

If you have any of these dreams on a reoccurring basis maybe a life coach could help you to work through the underlying causes.  It is essential for our well-being to listen to both our subconscious mind and to our bodies.  A change in our body’s normal patterns or a period of insomnia should be taken as a sign that something needs to change or be dealt with.  Listen to your inner voice and resolve anything that blocks your way.

By Margot Bloom

Margot set up Mrs Bloom, Queen of Lifestyle Management last year to teach others about the holistic approach to life coaching, helping others to achieve their dreams whilst never sacrificing that all-important family time or social time.


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