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Does your guy have a jealous nature? Signs his jealousy is dangerous

Signs his jealousy is dangerous

Most women at one point in their lives have dated a guy whose jealousy makes them a little uncomfortable. The question is when is it just a “guy being a guy” and when is it a sign that something might be wrong?

How to tell if his jealousy is dangerous?
Most relationships start out great. You’re in the honeymoon phase where you’re getting to know one another and everyone is on their best behavior. It takes time for the “crazy” to come out. Despite how wonderful things were in the beginning, if you start to notice any of these signs of jealousy, you need to start re-evaluating your relationship.

Signs of dangerous jealousy:

He accuses you of flirting with everyone:
Does he get mad at you for flirting with his friends, family, even strangers? Does he mistake simple friendliness for something more?

He looks through your phone and email:
Does he check your phone to see who you’ve been talking to or read your email to make sure you’re not cheating?

He hates your ex:
Does he get angry if you ever talk about an ex? Does he hate your ex-boyfriend even though you don’t? Does he refuse to let you remain friends with him (if you still are).

You are never without him:
Does he insist on being with you all of the time? It might have seemed romantic at first, but are you starting to feel trapped?

He stalks your Facebook:
Is he on your Facebook wall more than you are? Does he freak out if a guy posts on your wall? Do you find yourself removing comments from other people because it might piss him off?

He criticizes the way you dress:
Does he think you dress like a “slut”? Has he made you change your outfit to something he feels is more appropriate?

He won’t let you have male friends:
Does he hate your male friends? Has he forbidden you to talk to them and made you end your friendships with them?

He knows where you are at all times:
Does he want to know where you are at all times? Do you feel like you have to check in and let him know where you’re going? Does he call you all the time to find out where you are?

He won’t let you turn off your phone:
Does he insist that you have your phone on at all times? Does he get angry if you missed his call because it was on vibrate?

He won’t let you go out without him:
Are you allowed to go out with your girlfriends? Go away on vacation without him? If he has something to do, does he make you stay home, alone? If you do go out without him does he call and text you obsessively? Does he get angry at you for being out?

He won’t let you hang out with his guy friends:
Does he keep you away from his male friends? If you talk to them does he get unnecessarily jealous?

He isolates you from your friends and family:
Does he refuse to go to events thrown by your friends and family? Will he pick a fight with you right before hand so you end up not going?

So now what?

The emotion attached to jealousy is anger and uncontrolled, unnecessary anger shouldn’t be part of any relationship. If your guy is pulling any of the crap listed above, it’s time to make some hard decisions.

Jealousy in this form is dangerous and unhealthy. No one wants to live their life under the control of another person. If your boyfriend is acting this way, leave. It’s time to end your relationship and cut him out of your life completely.

If you are not ready to do that, you should, at the very least, get him into therapy. This is a non-negotiable. Jealousy escalates and you are in danger. Don’t blow it off or ignore it. Believe me when I tell you that it’s only going to get worse. Tell a family member or close friends and get some help. Before it’s too late.

By Annabelle Watson

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