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Does your body language do it for you…?!?

Does your body language do it for you

I have been on the number of training courses lately and they have all held the same simple message – that face to face communication is key, should not be under-valued and its merits are being recognised across the board.  Tell me something we didn’t all know.  Yet, as we continue to hide behind email, texts and all other technological gizmos – what is the answer?

Does your body language immediately give you away – I know that my frustrations when a meeting is slow going or the content has no end result or ground that has already been covered, my body language gives me away, almost immediately.

When it comes to face to face communication, be aware that non verbal signals count for 55% – your words account for as little as 7% and your tone of voice about 38%.

So how do you use this knowledge to maximum effect…if you want to convey a certain impression, do consider the following, and firstly decide what your target quality is, and what you particularly want to get across or portray?

If your target quality is friendliness, then use the following body language tools:

  • Smiling
  • Nodding
  • A warm handshake, with steady eye contact
  • Eye contact
  • Standing face on, to the person you are talking
  • Make a drink for whoever you are with (all of them) – chocolate & biscuits always help too
  • If your target quality is calm:

  • Measured and even breathing
  • Smooth synchronised body movements
  • Lowered shoulders, (do not be tensed or hunched over)
  • No fiddling
  • Sitting back in your seat, be comfortable
  • If your target quality is confidence:

  • Steady eye contact
  • Upright posture
  • Open gestures
  • A relaxed facial expression
  • A smile that is open and genuine
  • If your target quality is leadership:

  • A firm (but not crippling) handshake
  • Good eye contact
  • Straight posture
  • Sitting centrally or at the front…!
  • No fiddling or wriggling
  • Smooth and emphatic gestures
  • Listening, do not under estimate the power of this
  • Go on, do give some of these ago & let us know how you get on.  In the office today, everyone is sitting up straight and of course, we are all smiling – so a good day lies before us… we think.


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