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Do anti-ageing creams really work?

Anti ageing creams real women advice

It’s a well known fact that we all want to age gracefully.  With fifty being the new forty it’s even more important that wrinkles are kept at bay for as long as possible.

But in our quest to look ever youthful, do we ever stop to consider the amount of money that we throw at these ‘miracle’ creams each year?  Anti-ageing creams can cost anything from a few pounds to a couple of hundred and lets be honest – how often do we get the results we were promised?

Here at Real Women Today we want to know:-

♥ How many of you are guilty of buying a cream, using it for a couple of weeks before rushing out to purchase the latest wonder cream?
♥ What you consider to be your main problem area?
♥ What creams you are currently using/ have used and what you think of their performance?
♥ Or, are you lucky enough to have found a cream that does exactly what it says on the tin?


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