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Did anyone see the re run of 10 Things You Need to Know About Losing Weight on the BBC last week?

I found it fascinating and also very educational as it helped me to understand the whys and wherefores that underpin many of the popular diet regimes that are on the market today.
Additionally, some of the simplest advice, like using smaller plates for your meals made perfect sense and were explained in such a way that even I could understand how that would work! I’m actually really quite upset with myself that I didn’t see it when it was first aired in 2009 – I could have lost a lot of weight by now!

Many of the diet classes and books teach us that eating a protein rich diet keeps you fuller for longer, reduces food cravings and speeds up your metabolic rate but I never really understood why.  The experiment the programme showed with the Forth Bridge painters certainly shone some light and I will be mindful if this in my meal planning going forward.

And who would have thought that a thick soup would stave off hunger pangs longer that using the same ingredients in a meal?  Again, a really useful diet tip that I am determined to use.

One thing that really hit home for me was the diet revelation that certain diary products help your body to excrete more fat from all of your food – did anyone else know this?  I know that some diet programmes that I have been on allocate and recommend portions of skimmed milk, low fat yoghurt and low fat cottage cheese but I had no idea why – perhaps if this scientific fact had been explained to me I might have paid a lot more attention in past classes.

In light of this new knowledge, I will be makes a few changes in my life.  I’m off to buy some smaller plates; I will be eating more protein for breakfast, having a thick homemade soup for lunch and will be incorporating a lot more low fat dairy products into my week.

But I wouldn’t call this a diet – I’m actually inspired enough to see this as a sensible habit change that could benefit my health going forward.

Well done to the BBC for an excellent programme – if you missed it you can see it again at

Are there any other diet tips or healthy eating revelations that you would like to share?


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  2. Sarah Jones says:

    Hi, my problem with dieting is that I just can’t find the motivation. Currently I am avoiding the scales, I know that I am putting on weight, but against numerous other issues going on – I just can’t find the interest I need! I hope I do soon, otherwise I will be the side of a small hippo.
    Yours un-motivated, Sarah

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  4. kimberly says:

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