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Detox your wardrobe

I for sure mostly certainly am.  I might read a couple or go online and see if there is something that vaguely interests me in one of the sales, but in fairness, it ends there.

This month though, in an attempt to declutter my life, I have made a commitment to dramatically cut down on the number of articles in an embarrasing number of wardrobes that I have filled in my house.

Searching around for advice, here’s a few of the most sensible, practical and doable ideas that I know I can actually put into practice.

Don’t just think that if you haven’t worn it for a year or two then bin it. If you have the space to store it and it’s still unworn, it’s vintage or it’s a classic and you absolutely love it and it still fits, then keep it. Fashion has a habit of reinventing itself.

Start with the easy bits. I’ve started by chucking out old creams, make-up and other toiletries that I always intended to use but never got round to.  Old perfumes that have gone off I’m using as exotic air fresheners in my toilet and bathroom.  I’ve even put some down a smelly sink – it smells great now and expensive!

I’ll move onto my underwear draws next.  Nothing quite like throwing out old socks, miss matched underwear and grey pants.

Then I’ve decided that it’s the T Shirt draw next. Old T Shirts and tops that have got miss shaped in the wash, or got a stain on that I never managed to get out properly and that I wouldn’t even wear under a jumper curled up on the sofa watching TV will be gone.

Shoes.  I love my shoe collection but I have far too many (Imelda Marcos springs to mind) and many of them I wouldn’t dream of wearing again.  You see, for a lady of a certain age, 5 inch killer heels that I can barely stand up in doesn’t do a great deal for the posture never mind the street cred when you’ve fallen over onto your backside in front of a group of teenagers! 

Clothes. I have a number of outfits that I still aspire to getting in to, which practically, will never ever happen.  Those that can’t be sold on sites like EBay, I will try to car boot.  Others I will take down a charity shop (Cancer UK) and the rest I intend to offer to my friends at a girlie evening where I will put a charity donation bucket at the door for them to contribute to once they’ve taken their pick.  Makes me feel good too.

Any clothes that I keep I will get a second opinion on before I do. A great excuse for my friends to tell me how I really look in them!  And a bit of honesty will always help you when you’re detoxing your wardrobe!

Last but not least.  I’m going to get sensible and arrange my clothes into areas of my life such as slopping around the house, business meetings, casual trips out, holidays, jackets and coats.  Some people like to arrange their clothes into top half and bottom half items, some like to organise them into colours.  I’ve tried this a couple of times but find that I get lazy in putting clean clothes back in their right places and in a matter of weeks, my wardrobe looks a mess again!

The big plan is to have this little lot completed by the end of January.  If anyone has any other sensible tips – please pass them on.



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