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Dancing Round the Handbags

by Lynne Copp

When I was asked if I would like to review the self-development book ‘Dancing Round the Handbags’ I was somewhat sceptical. I really don’t do self-development – but then I realised, that was the point.

The book is aimed at every hard-working woman who achieves the impossible by balancing everyday activities whilst still being everything to everyone – sound familiar?

The author, Lynne Copp uses metaphors of dancing and handbags to help us understand what’s holding us back and what we need to change in order to achieve our goals. Lynne states “By reviewing your dances and de-cluttering your handbag, you will return to the dance floor of life, to dance to the tunes that you want to dance to.”

The book is beautifully written with different exercises and lots of practical advice on simple changes that will help to focus your time and energy on what is really important in your life. Through humour and hard hitting truths, it really does make you stop and evaluate your life.

So what about you? What happened to your own dreams and passions?

‘Dancing Round the Handbags’ is a true revelation that could really help to change your life…


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