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Confidante Coworkers

Confidante coworkers

It’s been said that more than one in five employees tells their colleagues things they would never tell their partners and that work mates know at least five secrets about each other that their partner is completely unaware of.

Do you feel closer to your work mates than your other half?

If you do, it’s probably down to the fact that just by the sheer length of time we spend at work these days, means that we get to know each other better than ever before.

After all, we spend a very long time at work whether it’s in an office or building site so it’s only natural that we forge relationships with our peers. It’s obviously a good thing if you get on well with your colleagues and it makes working life more pleasurable if you count your fellow workers as friends, although frequently confiding in your work mates rather than your partner might not always be advisable!

Have you ever wished that you hadn’t confided in someone at work?  Did you discuss having problems in your relationship or other personal matters and wished that you hadn’t?

Certainly the team in the Real Women Today office is close, but that’s probably because we were friends before we went into business together – and that’s a whole other story!  But I have made some very dear friends through a working environment – friends who will be with me for a very long time and who without having to work, I would never have met them.  How many of your good friends did you meet through work?


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